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Prizes and distinctions

2017 Semi-finalist of Audite International Conducting Competition in Radom, Poland

2013 1st Prize with Unanimity of the member of Danube Symphony Orchestra in the 16th Conducting Course and Competition in Budapest

2006 Finalist (6th place) in the Brahms International Competition in Pörtschach, Austria (solo)

2005 1st Prize Honor in the Union Française des Artistes Musiciens International Competition in Chaville, Ile-de-France (duo)

2005 1st Prize in the L.Bellan Foundatition international competition in Paris (trio)

2004 1st Prize in the “RIVIERA DELLA VERSILIA-Daniele Ridolfi” Competition in

Viareggio, Italy (solo)

2004 3rd Prize in the Padova International Competition, Italy (solo)

2004 1st Prize in the L.Bellan Foundatition Competition in Paris (duo)

2004 2nd Prize in the Scriabin International Competition in Paris (solo)

2002 3rd Prize in the “Premio Vittoria Caffa Righetti” International Competition by the

City of Cortemilia, Italy (solo)

2000 1st Grand Prize and medals by the cities of Villemomble and Le Raincy, in the

Association Francilienne d’Expression Musicale Competition, Ile-de-France (solo)



2012-2015 “Biennio” of Orchestral conducting in Scuola Civica di Musica di Milano Claudio Abbado with Prof.Renato Rivolta, L’Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi and I Pomeriggi Musicali

2003-2006 Orchestration DEM from Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris-CNR (present: CRR, Prof.Alain Louvier)

2003-2005 Ecriture musicale DEM from Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris-CNR (present: CRR. Harmony, Fuga, Counterpoint, Choral, and Form-Style study)

2000-2001 Chamber Music 1er Prix from the city of Paris (Conservatoire de Chopin)

1999-2001 Piano accompanying Médaille d’Or à l’Unanimité from Conservatoire National de Région de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France (présent: CRR)

1993-1997 Piano undergraduate diploma from Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo Japan


Other important study and Masterclasses

2001-2009 Piano lessons under virtuoso pianist Thierry Huillet (Toulouse), and well-known german Professor Arnulf von Arnim (Duisburg)

Oct.-Dec.2004 Ecriture musicale in Conservatoire Nationale Supérieur de Musique de Lyon

2002-2004 Chamber music Perfection course with Prof.Paul Meyer and Prof.Eric Le Sage in Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris-CNR

1997-2009 Piano and chamber music masterclasses with A.Jenner, K.Jabłonski, D,Yoffe, M.Voskresensky etc. Some of them were as invited participant and with scholarship in Europe

1977-1993 Piano lessons with Prof. F.Yamada (former student of Mr. Perlemuter) and solfege lessons in Tokyo, Japan

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