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My favorite works and which loved their interpretations by the public:

Piano solo

Mozart:Fantasie in C minor

Beethoven:Sonata op.110 in flat Major

Schubert:12 Graz wltzes

Schubert=Liszt: “Wandering” (Das Wandern) “Singing on the water” (Auf dem Wasser zu singen)

ChopinImpromptu No.2, Study op.10-1

Schumann:Alabesque, Humoreske

Brahms:4 Intermezzi op.119, Variations on a Theme by Schumann

Debussy:Estampes=Pagodes, Soirée dans Granade, Jardins sous la pluie (Prints=Pagodas, The Evening in Granada, Gardens in the Rain)

Ravel:Jeux d’eau(Water Games)


Orchestral Transcriptions

Mozart:Overture of “Marriage of Figaro”

Rossini:Overture and “Storm” in the “Barber of Seville” (Il barbiere di Siviglia)

Mendelssohn:“Nocturn (Notturno)” of the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Wagner=Liszt:« Death of Isolde » (Isoldens Liebestod)


Chamber music and piano accompaniment

All several hundreds works that I have performed are favorite works. Some examples that remind my friends of me:

Schubert:Sonata “Arpeggione”, Variations on the Lied “Trockne Blumen” (Dried Flowers), excerpt from “Die schöne Müllerin” (The beautiful miller’s daughter)



Unknown works

I am attached to the works of the “between periods” of post-romantic and modern, often mixed style and impossible to classify.

(Works for violin and piano, flute and piano, wind quintet and piano by composers like Vierne, Juon, Pilati, Roussel, Castillon, Stenhammar, Pierné, etc.)

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